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College is a time full of transitions, especially as an international student inside the US. A new campus, new friends, new living situation and maybe even a new language- all of the changes can be overwhelming and it’s expected that international students will go through culture-shock. However, college-aged students like you are at an age when mental health conditions start to become more evident and can be brought on by being in a stressful situation like studying abroad. Because of this, it’s important as an international student to know about the available counseling services on your campus- whether you are feeling sad and would like someone to talk to or think that there might be something more serious that you need to speak to a mental health professional about. A few common warning signs of mental illness include:

• Feeling helpless or hopeless
• Having mood swings where you are extremely happy one moment, and sad the next
• Feeling sad and lonely for a long period of time and the feeling doesn’t go away
• Having low energy, and little or no desire to engage with others
• Eating or sleeping too much or too little
• Smoking or drinking to excess, or using drugs
• Seeing or hearing things that don’t exist

Many of the counseling services on your campus will be free and your visit will remain confidential. If you need to find a counseling service, a good place to start is your student health center. They can direct you to any counseling services available, whether it’s through the student health center or as a standalone counseling office on campus. If there’s not a counseling service on campus then your health center will be able to recommend an off-campus counseling service.

If you’re not able to find counseling services that you feel comfortable with the following hotlines are toll-free and completely confidential:

• SAMSHA – (877)-726-4727
• National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – (800)-273-8255


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